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Grateful for this Tim(e)

Although I have only sung under Tim Shue for two seasons with Sonnenberg Station, our paths have intertwined for a number of years.   We both have a connection to the Summit Choral Society in Akron where I still sing and where Tim served on the staff for a time.  With Summit Choral, I was able to perform alongside Sonnenberg Station and Honeytown in various concerts and became aware of Tim’s amazing musical talents.  When Tim directed a boy’s ensemble from Summit Choral, he sometimes called upon men in the adult choir to participate in his rehearsals to provide a mentoring example and to demonstrate the generational connection that music can provide. I had the chance to see that happening again this spring as Sonnenberg Station performed concerts that included young men’s groups from area high schools.

Tim is just a fun person to be around.  No one can deliver a zinger quite like him.  

Here’s a typical scenario:

- Tim looks slightly away from victim, keeping the victim in his peripheral vision while facing his main audience of listeners.

- Tim delivers a wry (but well-meaning and light-hearted) comment about the victim, usually in a way that requires a bit of thought for the victim to realize that it pertains to them.

- Tim freezes with a very slight smile, twinkle in his eye, and sometimes tongue literally in cheek.

- Tim remains frozen, with only sideways glances toward the victim

- When realization hits the victim, laughter en(shue)s.

It has really been a blessing to sing with Sonnenberg Station, and Tim’s efforts made that all possible.  He has wonderful musical gifts but shares them with humility.  He is a leader but also a servant, and he is a person who thinks deeply about life and his place in God’s world but also tells “Dad” jokes.

Thanks, Tim for the ways that you’ve brought joy to listeners and singers alike, and for transitioning the group into the capable hands of Tim Yoder.  Continue to touch lives the way that only you can.

-Bill Cook

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The Best of Tim(es)

Since the fall of 2016, I have sung with Sonnenberg Station under the direction of Tim Shue. Last evening, Tuesday, March 19th, 2019, was Tim’s last concert to serve as director. He will be sorely missed. It was a privilege to be associated with such a class act. His wit, charm, humor, integrity, passion for music, and love of his colleagues and students is highly contagious.

I have multitudes of wonderful memories of evenings in rehearsal where we laughed ourselves to tears, but also of more difficult times where we shared tears of grief in support of our fellow musicians. For example, one Monday evening, all of the guys arrived to find that Tim had brought along his fuzzy, four-legged friend, Reinhart. Reinhart was full of energy that evening, and, as young, male dogs occasionally do, Reinhart showed a special affinity for Tim’s leg, all evening. So while the group attempted to master our repertoire, we had to do so amid outbursts of laughter, due to Tim having to simultaneously direct and wrestle an “excited” pup off his leg. This proved to be quite an evening to remember.


Tim is always quick to joke at someone else’s expense but laughs even harder when it’s at his own. He cares deeply for his community, and I have seen him walk on water (ok, it was a shallow puddle and it was more like him “stepping in it,” but still…). I will miss spending my Monday evenings with him, but yet, I also wish him the very best as he moves on from this “song” in his life’s musical folder. I will always reflect on these past several years with fondness and consider them as the best of times in the “good ol’ days” that were spent among friends.

I look forward to what the future holds as Sonnenberg Station inaugurates Tim 2.0, that is, Tim Yoder, who happens to be one of my best friends. Tim (Yoder) has taken up the mantle to lead Sonnenberg Station onto the next stage of our musical journey, and I have complete confidence that there are many grand times ahead.

Shaun Rufener, Sonnenberg Manager

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