Sonnenberg Station Hosting Instructions and Press Kit

Thank you for your interest in hosting Sonnenberg Station. On this page, you will find the information and contents you need to successfully present a Sonnenberg Station concert. 

Press Release

Please use the following photo for press release when promoting the group through radio, newspaper, or church bulletin. Please feel free to use the link for your event on your Facebook page, email blasts, and bulletin blurbs. 

Photo credit: Clint Sprunger

Photo credit: Clint Sprunger

The Sonnenberg Station men’s chorus based in Kidron, Ohio is currently preparing for their Spring season of concerts. Having given over 100 programs over the course of 12 years, they continue to sing to appreciative audiences without the aid of amplification, simply by focusing on the timeless power and beauty found in the transformative act of singing.

Deriving their name from a local landmark in the Sonnenberg valley northeast of Kidron, they continue to weave a thread of local culture to an area where many of their ancestors lived. As before, audience members can expect to hear songs from all singing traditions; from high church traditions to mountain spirituals, sea chanteys to big city gospel, folk song and much more. The ensemble is directed by Tim Shue and accompanied by Tim Yoder. Here are this season’s concert venues.

Concerts and details are subject to change. Please confirm dates, times, and venues before attending. Please check back here and at and on our Facebook page for updates. A love offering will be taken at each performance.


Use the posters below for the Spring 2019 season (download links above each poster). Feel free to post them to your venue's Facebook page, website, or print for placing around your community. You can find our posts on our Facebook page here. To request a customized poster for your venue, contact 

Preshow Requirements

For Sonnenberg Station to perform at your venue, we will need the following:

  • An in-tune, unlocked piano;

  • A single, hand-held, wireless microphone with fresh batteries;

  • 4-6 people to serve as ushers to welcome people and hand out programs (we provide the programs);

  • Access to the church and performance area by 4:30 the afternoon of the show;

  • A room where the guys can rehearse and prepare just prior to the show (separate from the performance area);

  • Drinking water for 18 men (either bottled water, or filtered water in pitchers with cups);

  • An on-site telephone number for someone who will be available up to two hours before the show;

  • Please provide both a physical and mailing address for your organization;

  • A listing of area newspapers, radio stations, or other appropriate outlets for us to press releases;

  • We ask that you print the posters we provide and distribute them around your church and community;

  • We ask that you send the following blurb to area churches to include in their bulletins, and include blurbs in your own bulletin as well:

Sonnenberg Station is a 18-voice men's choral ensemble based in Kidron, Ohio. For more than 10 years, the group has performed in over 50 different venues to appreciative audiences throughout Ohio. Each season offers diverse selections from contemporary to classical, hallowed to lighthearted, including arrangements by the group's director, Tim Shue.

This season's performances will inspire and uplift with a sprinkling of humor tossed in for good measure as the group adds their own flavor to pieces representing a variety of cultures, eras, and styles. Join Sonnenberg Station at {insert your church} on {insert date of performance} at {insert time of performance} for a delightful evening of music you won't soon forget. A love offering will be taken at intermission.  


The day of the performance

  • The men will arrive and practice in the performance area about two hours prior to the performance.

  • Please be sure they have access to the performance and rehearsal areas and piano at that time;

  • If piano is normally locked, please be sure it is unlocked;

  • We ask that the doors remain closed to the performance area and no audience members are admitted until 15 minutes prior to the concert start time, or that the group is given a separate rehearsal room that they can move to after blocking and rehearsing with the piano;

  • We ask that a representative of your organization introduce the group right at start time, and also release the audience after the last song. You can use information from the press release to include in the introduction and whatever else you would like to say.


Ushers will be asked to:

  • Hand out the programs we provide before the performance;

  • Take a count of the number of people in attendance, write down that number, and give it to Tim or Shaun;

  • Pass baskets for the offering during intermission.

  • Collect programs after the concert for our reuse.


Intermission works like this: a representative from Sonnenberg Station will have a short presentation about the group and/or a piano instrumental. The representative will invite the ushers to come forward to pass the baskets. Please keep a total of all money collected and report that amount to the group's manager, regardless of the financial arrangement we've made. We like to keep a record of average giving per person per concert.


  • Checks are to be made to Sonnenberg Mennonite Church and earmarked Sonnenberg Station.

  • Checks can be given to the group's manager the night of the performance or mailed to:

Sonnenberg Mennonite Church
P.O. Box 226
Kidron, OH  44636

 If you have any questions, please contact me via email, text, or phone. 

Many thanks for hosting Sonnenberg Station, and we look forward to seeing you! 

Shaun Rufener

Management and booking
Sonnenberg Station Men's Ensemble
330.485.6311 (c)