The Last Goodbye

Our next five Sonnenberg Station concerts are going to be good ones! I’m going to be savoring every note and memory because this will be my last season serving as its director. A dozen years ago, I was asked to bring leadership to a fledgling male ensemble, and I’m so glad I agreed! I’ve been able to be with some amazing men who are strong, funny, tender, and talented.

In checkout lines, restaurants, and other places where people gather, I’ve been the lucky recipient of affirmations from total strangers that come to our concerts faithfully and say how much it means to them; not just the music, but by seeing grown men doing something life-giving with unashamed passion and beauty. Music is important but developing a culture of active music making is even more important.


I’ve always wanted to have the counter-intuitive wisdom to leave when things are going good, not bad! It is going very good, and it will be in safe hands with Tim Yoder taking over as director next fall. Perhaps I will sing in the future, but, for right now, I am looking forward to focusing on my school’s choirs next year as I return to teaching. Thanks to the thousands of people who have attended our concerts, and be sure to make one of the next five!

Tim Shue

Posted on March 5, 2019 and filed under Notes from the Director.